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Education and training

Weekend-courses for instructors are offered by different institutions in germany. An instructors certificate cam be aquired from the German Swimming Association (Deutschen Schwimmverband). Interested candidates can get more information about the schedules of upcoming trainings/courses in

  baby swimming
  Toddler swimming
  infant swimming
  swimming in pregnancy

  • German Sport University (DSHS), Fort- und Weiterbildungsstelle,
    Frau Hanusa, Tel +49-221- 4982-213, Fax +49-0221-4982-850
  • Deutscher Schwimmverband (DSV), Deutsche Schwimmjugend (dsj),
    Herr Spahl, Tel +49-561-94083-42, Fax +49-561-94083-45
  • Schwimmverband Nordrhein-Westfalen (SV-NRW),
    Herr Freyer, Tel +49-203-73816-33, Fax +49-203-73816-31
  • Schwimmverband Württemberg (svw),
    Frau Glatz, Tel +49-711-336909-0, Fax +49-711-336909-69
  • Deutsche-Lebensrettungs-Gesellschaft (DLRG), Bildungswerk,
    Herr Latour, Tel +49-5723-955-432, Fax +49-5723-955-429
  • Bundesverband Öffentlicher Bäder e.V.
    Herr Hoffmann, Tel (0201) 87969-14, Fax (0201) 87969-20
  • Rehabilitationszentrum Muenster, Institut für Fort- und Weiterbildung,
    Herr Fischer, Tel +49-251-98154-31, Fax +49-251-98154-10

For information about one-day instructor classes, concerning special aspects/themes or (collegial) exchange of educational experiences in Parent-child-swimming, please contact Frau Hanusa tel +49-221-4982-213, Fax +49-221-4982-850.


Network of certificated Neonatal-, Toddler- and Pregnants swimming instructors

As sitting in on lectures/classes is really important for the certification requirements (200 hrs.) as well as for the own teaching/instructing experience, I want to set up an instructors network throughout Germany/(Europe). As a first step I'd like to list all the participants of my previous trainings/courses. Therefore candidates interested in sitting in on lectures/classes can contact a qualified(certificated) instructor nearby directly.

The list entries are ordered by the (german) ZIP-Code! Just follow the so called 'PLZ'- links below:


All instructors of this list have been qualified in the field of baby or toddler swimming.

Those instructors who have in addition been qualified in the field of swimming for pregnants are marked with "S" .

Those instructors who have been certificated are marked with "Z".

To keep this list up to date, please feel free to email your update or change requests to: l.ahrendt@t-online.de



Every two years a meeting of all people working in Parent-Child-swimming takes place in the course of a germanwide symposium about Neonatal- and Toddler-swimming.

Registration and information concerning the meeting/symposium can be obtained from the German swimming association (Deutscher Schwimmverband / Deutsche Schwimmjugend)
Herrn Spahl: Tel +49 (0)561 94083-42, Fax +49 (0)561 94083-45, E-Mail: spahl@dsv.de .